Saturday, April 23, 2011

WnW Haul

Hey everyone, sorry that it has been a couple of day since my last post. My computer power cord decided to stop working on Thursday. Since I couldn't use my computer I have been busy doing my nails and some tutorials that I will post in the next couple of days. Last week or the week before WnW nail polish was on sale for 40% off at Riteaide!! Each of these polishes was 58 cents!! Seriously can't beat the price!! So I pretty much bought every color :) Here they are:

 Above: Night Prowl. Eggplant Frost, Wild Card, Rain Check, Mauve Frost
 Above: Sunny Side Up, Blazed, Dreamy Poppy, No name on this one, Casting Call
Above: Black Creme, Caribbean Frost, Toss me a LIFESAVERS

 I really like these polishes!! If you would like to see any swatches of these let me know.


  1. Wow Jess you had a better selection than I did. They were on sale at Walgreen's for 69 cents here. I did pick up the Night Prowl (which I think is a dupe to Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance) and some other purple color but it wasn't eggplant. I wish we had some of the summer colors like you scored--great job. Looks like something good did come out of a bad computer cord!

  2. Thanks! I did go a little crazy lol buying almost every color. The guy at the register gave me the craziest look when he looked in my basket lol. I am starting to get used to the crazy stares when I have more than like 3 polishes in my basket. I think all of these colors were still there because there was no sign that they were on sale. Someone that I work with told me they were on sale.

  3. Great haul, I have most of these as well, they're really nice cheap polishes! I believe the one without a name is Lavender Cream from the looks of your picture. Eggplant Frost is absolutely gorgeous so if you haven't tried it already, I suggest you do. Caribbean Frost is my other favorite!


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