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Q:  Do you have any tips on painting your dominant hand? (besides practice)

A: I am still working on getting better at painting my dominant hand which is my right hand. My left hand is very shaky when trying to paint small intricate designs.  I always paint my left hand first to get used to the design that I am doing. I find that after doing the design 5 times that it is easier to do it on my left hand. I always brace my left elbow on a table when painting my right hand. It really does just take practice. I have noticed my hand getting less and less shaky the more I do freehand nail art.

Q: Where do you get the nails on sticks that you practice designs on?

A: I actually make the nails on the sticks so that I can play around with different designs even when I don't feel like changing my whole mani. I bought a big thing of fake nails at either Walmart or Target that come in all different sizes. I then get a bunch of Q-tips and cut the cotton ends off leaving just the sticks. The nails came with nail glue so I just use that to glue the nails to the sticks. It is easiest to just turn the nail over and put a little glue on the back, then just lay the stick down on the back of the nail and let it dry.

Q: How do you store your polish and keep it from spoiling?

A: My polish is currently being stored in a Helmer. The drawers are separated by color. I have never had a polish spoil. I have had polishes that separated but after a good shake they usually go back to normal. Sometimes a polish will get a little dried out and begin to get thick and clumpy. When this happens I simply add a few drops of nail polish thinner to return the polish to it's proper consistency. Make sure you are using nail polish thinner and not remover. Adding remover to a polish will ruin it.

Q: What is the easiest way to do a perfect french manicure?

A: To be honest french manicures are not my strong point nor my preferred look. I have however done french manis in the past using scotch tape. This really works best if you have square nails. It looks funny if you have rounded nails and then a perfectly straight line across your nails. If you are using scotch tape to do a french mani, make sure you stick the tape to your skin a couple of times first to make it less sticky. Then tape off the base of your nail so that just the tip that you want painted is showing. Do one nail at a time and remove the tape quickly after painting it. If you let the polish dry before removing the tape, you will not get a nice neat line. It really takes practice and can be pretty frustrating until you get the hang of it.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: I use a Cannon Powershot SD1400 IS


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  2. What is the easiest way to do a perfect French manicure?

  3. Where do you get the stamping trays? And is there a certain type of polish to stamp with?

  4. How much do you charge to do someone's nails?

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