My Collection

Please leave a comment on the bottom of the page if you would like to see swatches of any of these polishes.

I have not updated this in months so this is not up to date. I am working on just compiling a list because it is easier to just add to a list than to retake pictures every time I buy a polish (which is pretty often)

Ok so here is my collection so far. I will add pictures as I add to my collection. If you would like to see swatches of any of the colors that I have just ask and I will be happy to post them!
I still have many polishes that I have not tried so as I try them I will link the polish name to the mani that I used it for. That way if you see a polish that catches your eye, you can see how it looks on the nail!
For right now this is how I store my polish...

Above: Gemma, Dynamic Glitter, Ink Heart, Deep Space

Above: Pink Ave, Jungle

L.A. Girls 
Above: Crowd Surfing, Super Nova. 

Above: Rich Green

Jesse's Girl
Above: Baby Cakes, Glee


Above: Not so Blueberry 


Above: Hi-Res


Above: Daze

Funky Fingers
Above: Cheshire, Screamin Fucshia, Power Play, Rio

Above: Ectoplasmic, Mint Montauk, Wild Child, 220 Volts

Fresh Paint

Above: Blackberry Smoothie, Papaya, Pom-Pom

Pure Ice
Above: Sea Foam, Busted, Oh Baby, China Girl

Above: Fast Lane, First Time, Silver Mercedes

Above: Taupe Drawer, Wild Thing, Scandal

Above: Beware, Strapless, Spit Fire

Above: Nubar 2010
Wet n Wild

Above: Night Prowl. Eggplant Frost, Wild Card, Rain Check, Mauve Frost
 Above: Sunny Side Up, Blazed, Dreamy Poppy, No name on this one, Casting Call
Above: Black Creme, Caribbean Frost, Toss me a LIFESAVERS
Above: Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Wonder Yellows, Hannah Pinktana


Above: Flat Iron Green, East Village, Manhattan

Above: Names on bottles/ numbers 
Color Club

Above: Can't find the name on this one :(
Hot Topic

No names
No Name & Old Polish

Products I use:

This is how I store my stamping plates. These are card collector sheets and work great for storing these!

 I put note cards in each pouch because it keeps the plates from sliding out easily

LA Colors Art Deco: I am not going to name all of these because they have very generic names like hot pink and bright green.

 The glitters:

e.l.f : These are super affordable. There is a link on my main page to the site that sells these.
Above: Mango Madness, Fire Coral, Mod Mauve, Punk Purple, Red Velvet, Royal Purple, Plum, and Berry Pink

Above: Matte top coat, Desert Haze, Smoky Brown, Chocolate, and Dark Navy

Above: Party Purple, Golden Goddess, Twinkle, and Glitter Glam

L.A. Colors: These pretty little things can be found at dollar stores for $1!!!  Such an amazing deal!

Above: Shock, Perfect Sunset, Exotic Pink, and Phenomena

Above: Shocker, Rainbow Glitter, and Cotton Candy

Above: Sassy Sparkle, Live, and Glistening Purple

Above: Blue Lagoon, Jungle Fever, and Wired

 Hard Candy: So far I only have one of these but you can buy them at Walmart.
Above: Beetle 

China Glaze: 

Above: In the Lime Light, Grape Pop, Bogie, Innocence, and Lubu Heels

Sinful Colors:

Above: San Francisco, Big Daddy, and Easy Going

Claire's Polish: These are the mini polishes from Claire's. These usually come in sets and don't have names. The first set is scented! 

Sally Hansen:

Above: Spectrum

Above: Lacey Lilac, White On, Mellow Yellow, Mint Sorbet, Green With Envy, Sun Kissed, and Blue Me Away

Above: Celeb City, Black Out, Gunmetal, Gray Area, Ivy League, Caribbean Coral, Cherry Red, and Invisible

Cover Girl:

I have more polish but this is all that I have energy to post right now so check back later to see the rest!


  1. this is an awesome way of posting your polish collection! must have taken you soo long to take all of these pictures but i love it! such a nice idea, and you have a GREAT collection!! :)
    i also love how you store your image plates, makes them easier to see!

  2. I THINK your no-name WNW Wild Shine polish is Lady Luck. I just looked at the pinks I have and it looks really similar to that one. There's a swatch of it, 3rd pic down, here ( or you can check out my whole collection here ( I hope that swatch helps identify your polish ;) I LOVE your collection! You have some that I'm dying to have but I've slowed down on buying polish lately ;[

  3. I love your idea of using the card folders for your stamping plates... might have to copy you on that one!

  4. I was just wondering what a reasonable amount to spend on one bottle of nail polish was..... and where do you get the stamp templates?


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