Monday, April 4, 2011

Rain Forest Trip

So on our last day in Puerto Rico we did a day long trip to the rain forest! A guide took us through the rain forest where we climbed waterfalls, zip-lined, and ate fruit from the trees! We even ate termites... in case you are wondering they didn't taste bad, they tasted like pepper. This was a mani that was inspired by the rain forest! Yes I did do my nails to go on an adventure in the rain forest and I managed to not break a single nail!

For this mani I used Pure Ice Taupe Drawer, the white flowers are Art Deco, the green vines are Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Green with Envy and the purple flowers are a del sol color changing polish. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the change in color. I have no idea what plates I used for the stamping but they were all fauxnad plates. 

Also here is a picture from our trip to the rain forest:
This is me zip-lining!

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