Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cherry Culture Order as promised

So this is my first order from and I will be ordering from them again! I ordered some other makeup from the site too but I am not going to include it in this post. Here is what I bought:

Above from NYX Girls: Dynamic Glitter, Gemma, Ink Heart, Deep Space

Above by NYX: Pink Ave, Jungle

Above: The black one is Super Nova. The green one is Crowd Surfing which was bought during a previous haul. Sorry I do not have a pic of Super Nova by itself.

Above: Rich Green

The weekend that I got this package I also bought a couple of other polishes at some local drug stores, here is what I bought:

Above: Jessie's Girl Baby Cakes and Glee

Above: Spectrum

Above: Not so Blueberry 

Above: Hi-Res

Above: Daze

I have not done swatches of these colors yet but if you would like to see swatches of any of these colors just let me know which ones and I will be happy to share them! If you couldn't tell by now I do not judge nail polish by the price tag. I know some people are obsessed with OPI and other expensive brands but I feel like I could get equally beautiful colors for way cheaper! Cherry Culture has plenty of polishes for $2 and under so go check it out!


  1. I LOVE!

    Could you swatch Pink Ave for me? I'm obsessed with finding a true yellow glitter that ends up opaque without being gold.

    I'm just like you when it comes to polish. I love finding cheap polishes. My fav cheap brand is Jordana. I like China Glaze and OPI too but I normally only get the colors that I really love and can't find cheap dupes of.

  2. Pink Ave is actually a flakie polish. I will do a swatch but it really isn't much of a glitter. Who knows tho maybe it will look good and cover well. I will do a swatch tomorrow since today is my boyfriends birthday and since I work 10 hours today.

    That Jordana is my first Jordana and I really like it! I was surprised that it worked so well for stamping. I must buy more of these!

  3. re: Pink Ave-
    Yeah, I realized it was a flakie after I commented. I hadn't enlarged the pics. Doh! I'd still love to see it in action though. I bet it looks badass over a yellow cream or grey or black! Could you swatch Gemma too please??? :)

  4. Oohh I will have to try pink ave over gray! I might just try it over a couple different colors. I will also try gemma. I am assuming you meant the green one cause I just realized I mixed up the names on the one pic lol.


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