Sunday, April 10, 2011

MASH set from Amazon

I have more stamping plates than I will ever use but I ordered 25 more from Amazon because they were so cheap! I really ordered them because there were a good bit of plates that had full nail designs on them and I don't have many full nail designs in my collection. I am so glad that I ordered them. The full nail designs are larger than the bundle monster plates which is a big plus because these ones actually cover my whole nail and then some. One thing that I do not like about these plates though is that the french tip designs are way larger as well. The tips are way too big to fit on any of my nails. Other than the large french tip designs, I love these plates! The plates are not as sharp as some of the other plates that I have. If you have any questions about them feel free to ask!

Here are some pictures of my new plates:

I counted my stamping plates today and including the new 25, I have 140 plates total. That is way too many plates.

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  1. Wow, I really like those I want to buy them too. But they are out of stock, do you know where else I can get them?


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