Monday, April 25, 2011

My first Holo!!!

I am in love with Holo nail polishes!! Sadly I only have one holo and it doesn't compare to some of the holos out there :( This nail polish is still gorgeous!! It has not been sunny here, it has just been raining so no sunlight pictures unfortunately. I did however get new full spectrum light bulbs to use with my light box and I really like them. My pictures are not as yellow as they were before.  This is 2 coats of Milani HD in Hi-Res:

You can see the holo rainbows a little more in these next 2. In the first one you can see it in the bottle a little.

After the 2 coats of Hi-Res I applied a coat of SV and then stamped on the tips using MASH plate m56 and the ring finger using MASH plate m61. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White for the stampin. Then I applied my final coat of SV.

Do you have any suggestions of other holos that I could get my hands on for cheap??


  1. I like the lighting in your new pictures, it looks great! I like this color but wish I could see the holo rainbowness more! We need some sunshine!
    Unfortunately, I don't know of any cheap holos. :( My roommate (Amanda who blogs with me) has found some good deals on Ebay on some holos but she's also now a Ebay addict...

  2. I have to agree with Amanda cheap holos are hard to find! BUT Wet n Wild does have some cheap holos--Hannah Pinktana is a pink holo and Blue Wants to be a Millionaire is a blue holo--not fantastic holos but you can see the rainbows! I check ebay regularly--China Glaze's OMG is currently going for $55--so sad! The China Glaze OMG collection is holos of different colors so try a search for that

  3. I bought some stuff from Ebay and I don't really like it. I don't have a paypal account so I had to use my boyfriend's. They did not send me a tracking number for the stuff that I ordered. I am still waiting for my stuff and have no idea where it is or when it will be here :( I would much rather buy stuff from Amazon. I am addicted to Amazon now though lol. I have both of the WnW colors and I am not really impressed with them as holos. The Milani ones seem to have more holo in them. I really really want any polish from the OMG collection :( I hate that they discontinue the best polishes. Thanks for looking ladies!


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