Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Showers bring fun manis :)

Ok so this is the mani that I have been wanting to do! I really wanted an April shower mani and was going to put an umbrella on the accent nail but for some reason the umbrella plate did not want to work at all :( I am however very happy with the way that the little froggy looks with this mani. Last night my boyfriend helped me build a light box out of a cardboard box so I have also been playing with the light box as you will see in the following pictures. I just got my order from cherry culture yesterday so there will be upcoming posts on my newest additions.

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White. I then stamped the tips of my nails with the circle Bundle Monster plate using NYX Ink Heart. I also stamped the dark rain drops with NYX Ink Heart. I then stamped the frog with Jordana Rich Green. Using Jesse's Girl Glee I added some lighter colored rain drops. 2 coats of SV to finish it off.



  1. Too cute! I love this :)
    I don't own any plates yet, but really want them. I'm afraid that once I start buying them I'll become a compulsive plate buyer... kind of like how I got into nail polish >.<

  2. Hi, thanks for following me, I like your blog too. I appreciate when new bloggers have nice nails and polish them neatly. I hope you'll get many followers.

    Confused: I can't find the button follow on your blog?

  3. Liz thanks and I understand what you mean I now own 140 plates. It all started with 21 Bundle Monster plates and I don't plan on stopping lol.

    Stickers, the button to follow my blog is on the right side right under where is says followers. Also I am glad you appreciate the neatness of my nails because I am a little obsessive compulsive about it.


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