Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why I have been gone...

Ok so I haven't posted in way too long and I feel like I owe everyone an explanation of why I have been gone. I decided to tackle making some jewelry as a gift for someone, and well, I got addicted to it! All of my Christmas presents this year ended up being handmade jewelry and everyone loved it. Unfortunately my nails have taken a beating from the jewelry making. I am no longer able to paint my nails except for special occasions because it just gets ruined too fast.

Luckily I found a way to incorporate my love for nail polish with my new found love for making jewelry. I now make jewelry using nail polish (as well as other things like wire & beads).

I just wanted to update everyone and let you know why I haven't been blogging anymore. You can check out my etsy store here: and you can also check out my facebook page 

Make sure you like my facebook page because I am planning on doing a jewelry giveaway soon!

Unfortunately I am only shipping within the US currently. I do custom orders so if you would like one of my manis to be made into a piece of jewelry please email me at

I will try to update my blog occasionally with new items and information but I am much more likely to update my facebook page so make sure you "like" it! 

Below are some of my nail polish pieces. To view all of them (still being added daily) go to my shop