Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swatches from latest haul

I was asked to do swatches of these two polishes and here they are!!

The first one is NYX Pink Ave. This is a flakie polish but the name makes so sense because it is not really pink. If you get it in the right light it will reflect pink and green but it still looks yellow in the bottle (pic in the haul post) I tried this polish over several different colors. In my opinion it looks best over black because it is the most noticeable. The grey is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Wet Cement, the yellow is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Mellow Yellow, the black is Wet n Wild Black Creme, and the white is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind white. They all were topped with 2 coats of Pink Ave. Which is your favorite?
Oh and please excuse the chunk missing from my index finger :( ouch

The second color is NYX Girls Gemma. This is such a pretty green! This color does confuse me a bit though. The polish goes on like a jelly and looks like a jelly until you put the second coat on. I feel like it doesn't look as much like a jelly now. I wouldn't however call this a creme... Maybe it is a creamy jelly lol. What is your opinion on this one, jelly or not? 

Thanks for looking and happy Saturday :)


  1. I like Pink Ave over black the best, it looks less yellow! I think Gemma is a jelly, at least it looks like one to me from your picture. Pretty colors, I need some new colors!!

  2. wow Gemma is a beautiful green. I looked at it online and it did not do it justice! Thanks for the swatch of it!

  3. Thanks ladies! Fiona, I think I am leaning more towards it being a jelly. Some of the pictures that I took made it look like a creme which is weird. Inieven, your welcome! Gemma is such a beautiful green, I think it is my new favorite green. Now I must think of a cute mani to do using Gemma.
    Thanks for looking :)


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