Monday, April 11, 2011

Scented Nail Polish From Revlon

The other day at work one of my coworkers came up to me and asked me to smell her nail polish. I thought it was a little weird that I was smelling her fingers but I did anyways. Even though I can't smell due to my sinus issues which I will be having surgery to fix soon, I could still pick up a faint smell of blue berries! She told me that they have a whole collection out that are scented. I had to go out and buy some! They are a bit expensive for drugstore nail polish ( a little over $4) but I did it anyways. I bought two colors: Grape Icy and Mad About Mango. I really love the color of Grape Icy so I went for that one first. I decided to add a little bit of stamping and dotting as well:

I was having a terrible day with my sinuses when I did this mani so I couldn't tell you exactly what it smelled like but I asked my boyfriend what it smelled like. He told me that it smelled really sweet and like grape... so it pretty much smelled like a grape icy lol. The smell lasted for the whol 2 days that I kept this mani on. I would really love to know how long the smell lasts but I am too ADD with my nails to find out. Over all I like the scented polish even if it is a little weird to have people smelling your fingers.


  1. I had no idea about these. Are they available at CVS/Walgreens?

    I found you on nailgal btw :) Cute site! I'm going to add your link to my blog.

  2. Thanks! These are available at walgreens. I looked for them at target but the only place I could find them was walgreens. There are about 6 or 8 different scents!


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