Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little photography

Sorry this is a short one and it is not about nails. This post is about some of my photography. I really do not have the energy to sort though nail pictures right now and I have to go into work an hour and a half early tomorrow :( so the nail post will have to wait until tomorrow night.

This is my dog Geno!

He is an 80 pound lap dog.

His favorite thing to do is cuddle (all the time)

Yes he is always this happy... unless there is a loud noise, then he cowers in the corner and shivers like a baby. We adopted him from a shelter and it was the best choice we ever made! I love my big drooling puppy even when all 80 pounds of him plops down on my lap!


  1. Aw, great pictures and gorgeous dog!

  2. Aw Geno! What a handsome guy! I love labs, they are so sweet! I live in an apartment so no dogs for me--instead I have 10 chinchillas and a cat lol!

  3. Fiona, thanks!
    Inievin, I think he is handsome as well! That is a whole lot of Chinchillas lol, I have never seen one in person. Also how in the world does the cat deal with 10 chinchillas? lol

    I also wanted to say thanks to both of you because you both comment on pretty much every post! It means a lot to me!!


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