Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Splatter Tutorial Video

So last week Carrie from asked me to do a guest blog for her. Well this week Carrie asked if she could use that blog post which happened to be a tutorial and make it into a video. I was very excited about this! I have wanted to do a video tutorial for a while but I find it weird hearing my own voice. This worked out perfectly because Carrie narrated the whole thing and all credit for making the video goes to Carrie! Thanks so much Carrie!!!! Here is the video:
P.S. I just had to share that I broke a nail :( I thought for a minute that the world might end... I ended up cutting down the rest of my nails so the next post will have some nubbinized nails. It is probably better that I have my nails short right now anyways since I work with kids. Nails and children never mix well. I either end up scratching the kids accidentally or I end up not being able to do simple things for the kids like tie balloons or get a knot out of shoe laces. Oh well just had to warn you that my nails are now short...


  1. I'm so forwarding this on - I did a splatter this week and people have been after me on how to do it!!

    Looks great

  2. :) Thanks! Glad the splatter worked well for you!


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