Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Share your Blog Tuesday

I might just do this every week, what do you think?

I have to go on a small rant... I am doing this because I really hate getting like spam in my comments. I check my blog so many times a day and get so excited when I see that you all have left wonderful comments and I love reading them! I go to read some comments and then there are just links from another blogger trying to share their blog with me. I understand that people are trying to spread the word about their blogs which I completely understand. I am guilty of spamming a tiny bit when I first started blogging. I absolutely love checking out new blogs and making new friends! I am just asking that you share your blog with me in a respectful way and I will be happy to check it out. Also I have found that if you really want to get a blogger to check out your blog, just send them an email telling them that you think they may be interested in your blog. This is so much kinder than spamming.

If you have not yet shared your blog with me please leave your blog link in the comments below. If you would like you may also send me an email at Jessicaj.lane@gmail.com.

Also sorry if I have offended anyone and if you are guilty of doing this, I forgive you :)


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I saw this on another blog as well, and I think I will do the same thing on my blog. I would also like to open mine up to guest posts by other bloggers.
    I don't spam other peoples blogs, but I do comment on as many as I can because I love getting comments on mine :)
    BTW, I ♥ nail art too :)

    So, if you are interested my blog is

    I also have a recipe blog at


  2. Good Idea! My blog is http://samariums-swatches.blogspot.com/


  3. This is a great idea! Here's mine: joie-de-vie-blog.blogspot.com

    I hope that the putting-my-link-at-the-bottom-of-a-comment thing isn't what you meant by spam is it?! ... I do do that quite a bit but it really serves as more of a signature than a pushy attempt to get noticed :/ Meant no harm :)

    1. I agree with that, and I kind of feel like that if it's there, you're asking for people to mention they're blogs!

  4. Please, stop by at my blog, if you have a moment :)

    I'm your follower for quite some time now...


  5. I completely agree with this post! I have an even bigger problem with when someone that comments on my blog saying "I followed you follow me back..." and never did follow its like really? I have 83 followers and you think I didnt noticed you never followed me? anyway that is a great idea you have!(:

    here is my blog http://paintthatnail.blogspot.com/
    thank you for letting me share with you my blog!<3

  6. Great idea to have just a post dedicated to people sharing their links!

    I also dislike when people just comment with nothing but their blog link... really makes me not want to look. I don't mind if they had a thoughtful comment and then added a link at the bottom, but just a "check out my blog..." bothers me! I wish they would send an email instead!


  7. Good idea with this post. I also think that guest bloggers is a good for people to "advertise" for their blogs, especially if they have just started blogging, so it would be really cool if you would consider doing that too.

    And I also hope that you would stop by my blog and have a look.
    - I hope you like what you see ;)

  8. That's a great idea! :) This would be great for beginner blogers who want to share they're blog ^^

    btw, this is my blog ->


    hope you stop by and check it out :)

  9. Wonderful idea! I think its really great when bloggers do this =]
    I hope you never get spammed again! =P

    My blog is:

    Thanks again =]

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  11. This is a really good idea and I really hope you like it. Thanks for doing this!


  12. I agree, I feel the same way about leaving links. This is my first time doing it! haha

  13. What a great way to do this! I can't stand when people spam my blog with their links! if they email me, I'm happy to add them to my blogroll!


    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  14. Great idea, I'll be checking out these blogs!!! I only leave a link if asked hehe, so here's mine: http://gothampolish.blogspot.com/

  15. Wow this turned out to be very popular! Glad everyone liked this idea. Precious, that is not at all what I meant. I know that you read my blog and you always comment. It is fine if someone leaves their link as a signature. I just get annoyed when someone posts something like... hey your blog is really cute, check out my blog @ whatever.com and then never comment on anything again.

    I am very excited to check out all of these blogs! I know I am already following some of them but thanks for sharing them anyways! Also feel free to steal this idea and do it on your blogs. I know this sounds very cheesy but we could all help each other out!

  16. This is such a great idea, and very helpful to smaller bloggers! :)

    Mines www.itsfashiontime1.blogspot.com

  17. You are a bright cookie!! Wait... Haha! Well mine is www.channelshare.blogspot.com -- Share your YouTube channel for FREE!!!

  18. This is an awesome idea. I thank you in advance! :)


  19. Sure i'll let ya know my blog lol


    But you have prob already seen it cuz of PAA

  20. i like leaving real comments and then telling people abt my blog. so i guess i am a bit guilty of this? lol

    here's my link: www.nailsbykatevergara.com

    im more into stamping :)

  21. Great Idea! www.paintmeprettyhjc.blogspot.com

  22. This is a wonderful idea. We are very new to blogging and we all enjoy checking out all the different blogs. Here's our blog www.letsgetnaild.blogspot.com. Hope you like! Thanks!

  23. Great idea! The link is www.thebestnailpolish101.blogspot.com ! :D

  24. This is a great way for new bloggers to get their blogs out! Think more people should do it.

    My blog is: http://alice-in-lacquerland.blogspot.com/

    Would love for you to check it out- you're one of my fave bloggers, your nail art is unbelievable! x


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