Sunday, June 5, 2011

Milani Holo With Some Stampage

I have completed an entire set of polish for the very first time!!! I now have all of the Milani 3D polishes! In honor of completing the set I decided to do a mani using one of the polishes. Are you shocked to find out that it is green? No me neither... I have a thing for green polishes! These are not the greatest holo polishes but they are still holo and I still love them! I also got to try out my first konad stamping polish that I won in a giveaway!

You probably can't tell but the polish I am holding is not the same polish my nails are painted with... Didn't even realize it was gold and not green until after the pictures. Then I realized that I left the green one at my parents house... oh well close enough.

I probably should have taken pictures of Hi-Tech before putting the pink over top... I think I soaked up a little too much sun this week lol.

For this mani I used  2 coats of Milani Hi-Tech and then using Konad Special Princess polish in pink (no name on the bottle) I stamped on the design from plate BM-205. I covered the whole thing with SV :)
I am not crazy about how this turned out... I don't think there was enough contrast between colors for this design to work well. Maybe it also had to do with both polishes being shimmery. I also am not crazy about the Konad stamping polish because it did not cover as well as I would have liked and it left a lot of polish on the stamper every time. Maybe I will try the Konad polish over some other colors and post a review.

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