Saturday, June 18, 2011

Costume Party nails

So a few weeks ago my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend Emily moved in with us. The boys are working on a project together and Emily and I are both working at the daycare. On Thursday we had a costume party for summer camp. Emily dressed up like Mario and I dressed up like Tinkerbell. I will try to get a picture of our costumes from one of our coworkers. The night before the costume party I decided to do both of our nails. I did the designs for the Mario nails on fake nails first to practice so I will post pics of those as well. Emily and I had fun cracking up trying to take pictures of her nails. I had to teach her how to model her hands... i dunno i guess you had to be there to think it was hysterical. Sadly I did not get very good pictures of my Tinkerbell nails because my camera died and by the time it was charged, I had to take my nail polish off for the surgery.

Super Mario:

My practice on fake nails:


So I used so many different colors for these two nail designs... so I am not going to list all of the colors. I am not sure I can even remember most of the colors now. Many of the colors for the Mario nails were actually art deco polishes. I did the Mario nails entirely free hand. The Tinkerbell nails were stamped with the fairy and the stars from some fauxnad plates. "Tink" on the thumb was done freehand. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


  1. omg, i love the mario manicure!!!!
    so cute! im a mario fan! <3

  2. The Tinkerbell is my favourite! I love it :)

  3. I am in LOVE with the Tinkerbell nails! Tinkerbell is one of my favorite ever characters! Awesome job on both of these!

  4. Amazing work my dear I really like cute mario man. Really nice nail art.
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