Monday, June 13, 2011

I Call These Barbie Puke :)

Any ideas why I call these Barbie puke?? lol. I was feeling a little lazy last week so I decided to just go with something simple and glittery. I got a couple of new polishes that I will swatch eventually and so I decided to use one of the new polishes. The pink polish that I used is from LA Colors and is part of one of the Intense collection that I ordered from CherryCulture. You get four nail polishes for $3!!! Can't beat that! These pictures do not do this mani justice. It looked so much better in person. The pink looks a little dull in the pictures but in person it was super bright neon pink and the glitter was so shiny! I really with you all could have seen these in person since my camera refused to capture them properly :(

Barbie puked on my nails:

This is two coats of the L.A. Colors neon pink (no names on the bottles). This polish is very nice for how cheap it is. It covered well in two coats and the brush didn't suck. I put one coat of NYX Dynamic Glitter over top which has holo chunky glitter and fine pink and silver glitter. I love glitter so much but it is such a pain in the butt to get off... I guess it is a love hate kind of thing.


  1. lol my friend hollie would love that. she is a real life barbie...this is super cute!

  2. oh and i was looking at your wishlist and saw that you wanted CG flip flop fantasy. i have it on my toes right now and got more compliments than i ever have before. it's a must have!

  3. I know how you feel about the glitter! I love glitter but hate taking it off. I have several of the NYX glitters and honestly it's my goal to have them all!

  4. Haha! This reminds me of what my little sister (who aspires to be Barbie...) was wearing on her nails today... she stole my Sinful 24/7 (hot pink) and WnW Party of Five Glitters... definitely Barbie puke, but pretty puke!


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