Friday, June 17, 2011

Nail Color Wheels

I bought some Nail Color Wheels the other day at Sally's and I love them so much! I have seen them all over the internet and never thought very much of them. I saw them and decided to try them just for swatching. It is so nice to have swatches of every nail polish :) You all know how different a polish can look in the bottle compared to on the nail. These let you see how the polish looks on the nail. I also like being able to pair up colors and see how they look together. I decided that for now I am going to organize the color wheels by brand. I wrote the brand name on the back of the color wheels and then wrote the names of the colors on the wheels. I may eventually do color wheels by color as well. I need to get more color wheels to finish swatching all of my colors. Here are some pictures of the color wheels:


  1. I love nail wheels too :-) They're a good way of seeking inspiration for colour combinations too.

  2. I have all my polishes swatched on nail wheels! That way when I know I want a Blue, I just pick up my (several) blue wheels and stare until I find one I want!

  3. I need to get some wheels!!


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