Friday, June 24, 2011

The Picnic Nails Won!!!

Thanks everyone for voting!!!

The Balloon nails had 2 votes, the Picnic nails had 10 votes, and there was 1 vote for alternating.

Just a warning, my nails are now short :( You can see in the pictures that the ring finger nail is even shorter than the rest because that is the one that I broke. I couldn't bring myself to cut down the rest of my nails that short but it shouldn't take too long for the lengths to even out since my nails grow pretty fast. I am still getting used to the short nails and I don't really like them yet. It is kind of like when you get a whole bunch of hair cut off and you don't really like it until like a week later when you get used to it.

On to the Picnic theme... The picnic at work was lots of fun and I ate way too much. Since my nails are shorter I decided to put less of the fiilmo clay fruit pieces on my nails. I decided to just go with watermelon because I was too lazy to cut any of the other pieces.

For this mani I used WnW French White Creme as the base. Then I painted on the lines vertically and horizontally using a light pink art deco polish. Once those were dry I used a small brush and a red art deco polish to paint the red parts of the picnic pattern. Then Using two different sized dotting tools and Sinful Colors Black on Black, I dotted on the ants bodies. I used a striping brush to paint on the legs and antennas. I also added some silver details to the ants to make them look more 3d. I stuck the watermelon pieces on and coated the whole thing with SV which unfortunately bubbled on this design.

My giveaway will be ending at midnight tonight and I will be announcing the winner tomorrow so don't forget to enter!!!


  1. I love it! The idea is so cute :))

  2. Omg Jess these are adorable! I thought the ants were a stamp! I can't believe you did these free hand they look amazing! I'm sorry about your broken nail but I think they still look great!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! Inievin, the ants were actually pretty easy to do with dotting tools for the bodies and a striping brush for the legs and antennas :)

  4. Too cute! I love the little ants! You did an amazing job :)


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