Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Share Your Blog Tuesday

I know I have had many new readers join in the past couple of weeks. It is hard for me to keep up with who has just joined so this is a chance for you to share your blog with me as well as with the other readers. Just post a link to your blog in the comments below. I am always looking for new blogs to follow :)

I also wanted to update everyone on the vote tally so far for Thursday's mani:

If you would like to vote please go here and leave your vote in the comments.

Balloon Release: 2 votes                                      
Picnic: 8 votes

Alternating: 1 vote

Please go vote if you haven't already!


  1. I'm loving your summer inspired mani's. I wish we were actually getting a summer over here!
    My blog addy is: http://nailsandnonsense.blogspot.com/


  2. I'm with Nails and Nonsense, your summer manis are fun!

    I'm at Fierce Nerditude

  3. I am loving your nail art! So cute!


  4. The balloon nail art reminds me of Disney's "Up!", I love it!

    I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details!

  5. wow am loving the PICNIC design !! really lovely blog !!
    check out mine here- http://shopaholicutie.blogspot.com/

  6. Love your blog! This is mine: http://nailsbydesire.blogspot.com/
    Hope you like it :)

  7. I wonder if blogger is losing comments. I was sure I posted my blog here on Tues and my comment has disappeared. http://glazedtalons.blogspot.com

    I also told someone about Share Your Blog Tuesday, and her blog lost that comment too. It's just strange.
    I came over to see if she had followed my advice.

    Thank you.

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