Monday, May 23, 2011

Snake Skin Nail Design

So that new Funky Fingers polish has been calling my name. The name of the polish is Snake skin... so I did a snake skin design :) Also figured I would take some pictures of the design with my red tailed boa! Her name is Calypso and she is currently over 5 feet long! I know the nails don't match her perfectly but I still like them! Maybe someday I will do a mani to match her colors :)

I apologize to anyone who is afraid of snakes!

This is two coats of Funky Fingers Snake Skin, then one coat of L.A.Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing which is a flakie polish that also had very fine green glitter in it! You have to look very closely at the pictures to see the flakes. In person the flakes are more noticeable. I used plate BM- 215 to stamp the snake skin design in WnW Black Creme. I topped the whole thing with SV as usual. 

Note: This FF polish would have probably covered in one coat if I had done it neatly. The polish had a very nice consistency and went on smoothly. The only problem that I had was that it took a long time to dry. I put SV on before stamping to make it dry faster but the top layer of SV just slid around when I stamped it. Has anyone had this problem of the bottom polish not drying and then the top coat sliding around... If so how did you avoid it?? 


  1. Oh yes I have smeared entire nails that way after putting on SV, and it all wrinkles, bleh. Sometimes if you haven't done it too bad you can like lick your finger and smush it back into place (licking your finger so it doesn't stick to the polish.)
    You just have to wait a little longer!

    Also holy crap a 5 foot snake as a pet sounds scary.

  2. I am afraid of snakes, however, I love your design! LOL!

  3. Rebecca: I actually did that with this mani on my pointer finger lol I just kind of slid it back into place and smoothed it out... can't even tell :) I guess I just have to be more patient and wait longer before stamping.

    Thalie: I am glad that you appreciate the design even though you are afraid of snakes :) Thanks!

    Inievin: Thanks :) Glad you like it!

  4. Amazing manicure! Love the color and stamping!!!

    I would not want to be anywhere near that snake, but the photos with it (her/him?) came out great! :D

  5. You're the only person I've seen post a snakeskin mani with an actual snake! Kudos to you! I've also had the problem with my base color sliding all over with SV on top and yea, just ended up sliding it back into place. I get totally bummed out though haha

  6. Anutka, Thanks! I knew some people would be scared of her but glad everyone likes the pictures of her :)

    HeartNAT, That is cool that I am the only person that you have seen do that :) I am sure there are others out there somewhere. I get bummed too... it never ends up looking perfect after that happens no matter how much you smooth it out. It still has a wrinkled look to it like if you tried to smooth out wrinkled paper.

    Thanks for all the comment love :)

  7. I love this look so much!! It came out awesome! I also love snakes and she is gorgeous! I want a pet snake someday!

  8. This is awesome! I really like the last picture with snake in it. It looks like it should be in a nail art magazine. Good job!

  9. *blush* You all are so sweet :) Thank you so much!


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