Monday, May 2, 2011

New Bundle Monster Plates!

I finally got my new Bundle Monster Plates!! Sorry there has not been a post all weekend, my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend moved in with us this weekend so we have been very busy! I got the new plates on Friday and had the chance to use them on Saturday. Overall these plates are awesome! These plates have larger full nail images and they have a paper backing so they are not as sharp.

Here is a picture comparing the image sizes. The  right one is the new plate and the left is the old plate:

 Here is a picture comparing the backs of the same two plates. The new ones have a plastic backing exactly like the name brand Konad plates.

 The new and old plates are exactly the same thickness and of the same quality except for the backing.

I was too excited to open the new plates that I forgot to take a picture if the blue plastic covering that came on the plates but I am sure you can picture in your head the plates with a blue sheet of plastic on them lol

If you are looking for new plates I would recommend these plates! Most of the designs are full nail designs or tip designs. As always all of the designs are unique to Bundle Monster and I love them! The plates are also very affordable. You get 25 plates for about $22 which is less than $1 a plate compared to Konad at $5 a plate. I would say that these plates are equal quality to Konad only way cheaper!! You can buy the plates here: Bundle Monster

I honestly can't think of one negative thing o say about these plates!!
Check back tomorrow for mani using new plates!!

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