Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Below Mini Haul

Wow I really have not posted since Tuesday :( I am sorry blog world for neglecting you. It has been pretty nice out this week and I have been pretty busy. I promise that this week I will have a post for everyday to make up for last week :) Maybe even more than one a day! 
I also will be updating my collection page with all new pictures and a spreadsheet of all of my polishes.

So here is todays post:
While we were waiting for a table at a restaurant on Sunday, we went into 5Below. Of course I had to buy more nail polish :) These were 3 for $5 so I bought 3.

The colors are Snakeskin, Kenyan Sunset (slight holo) and Golden Coast.

This one did not have a name except for Dark pink to Light pink... lame lol

Closeups of each:

I am really liking the Funky Fingers polish :) It is so fun!! The bottles are fun too. 


  1. not sure if you've heard this, but some people are convinced that funky fingers is color club polish under a different name!
    kenyan sunset is a dupe for wild at heart.

  2. Yeah I have heard that... I only have one color club polish so I don't really know. If it is then that is awesome because Funky Fingers is so cheap!

  3. I like the shape of the bottle! =O


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