Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue and Gold Hearts

I don't really have much to say about this mani... I wanted to use my new blue Sally Hansen insta-dri called Blue-Away which is a very pretty pastel blue. I decided to try a gold stamp because I really like gold with light blue for some reason. I used MASH plate M76. The gold that I used was Pure Ice Fast Lane. Please excuse any tip wear because it was a couple days before I had time to take pictures of this mani.

Sorry to keep this so short but I think my children at work got me sick cause I feel like crap today :( 


  1. I like this combo! Blue Away is one of my favorites!
    I hope you feel better!! :)

  2. thanks!! I just took my temp and it is 101.2 :( ugh why do I work with children...

  3. Jess I hope you get to feeing better! I think the gold on light blue looks really good! I've never tried it so now I shall!

  4. These colors together are absolutely stunning!


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