Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterfly to go with my Butterfly Mani

So today I played paintball and while walking down to the field I found a butterfly that could not fly. I think it got wet from the rain so I picked it up to move it onto a tree. As I was picking it up I realized that it had blue on it and that it matched my nails!!! I had to have a picture of it :) Sorry but I have my paintball gloves on in the pictures because I didn't have time to take them off (I think it looks even cooler lol) Finding this butterfly that matched my nails made my day!

This is the best picture that I got: 

Me in my paintball gear: 

I managed to only chip 1 nail while playing paintball! I did however get attacked by mosquitoes and I now have 15 bug bites on my arms ( Yes I counted them). It was fun and I hit my boyfriend with a paintball :) He also hit me with one in the face.  


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