Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spectraflair Topcoat

I apologize for being MIA for a whole week. Someone at work was on vacation and so my work schedule was changed. I had to get up almost two hours earlier than I normally do so I have been exhausted all week. I also have not been sleeping well so I had just been way too tired to write up posts all week. My schedule changes back to normal this week so I should have posts for everyday this week. I even have a tutorial for you! Last week I told you about the spectraflair topcoat, well I finally got a chance to wear it. I chose Jordana Boy Oh Boy as the base color because when I swatched the topcoat over different colors, Boy Oh Boy looked the most holo. Some of the pigment in the bottle had settled to the bottom and wouldn't budge so this mani didn't turn out as holo as it should have been. After this mani I ended up taking a small cuticle stick and mixing up the pigment off the bottom of the bottle. After mixing it up, I swatched a few more colors with it and it worked much better. If you buy this topcoat, make sure to mix it very well before using it. Sometimes shaking it is just not enough, even with the bb's in it. Ok enough talking, here it is:

I love holographic nail polish! It is so exciting that I can turn any polish into a holographic polish!

P.S. Please ignore the bubbles :( My SV decided to leave bubbles all over the place.


  1. This is an awesome top coat!

  2. I have just two coats of the spectra flair on by itself. Gorgeous!

  3. And the manis last so much with the spectra on and my nails feel harder also, your nails are pretty..

  4. I shake the snot out of it & then set it upside down to chill before using it.

  5. this is gorgeous, the more i see of spectraflair the more i want it!

    shel xx

  6. I really want sprectraflair, been searching for it awhile now. It looks wonderful.


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