Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nail Mail! Spectraflair Top Coat Arrived Safe and Sound!

So again about the FB group Polish-aholics Anonymous... One of the lovely ladies in the group ordered some spectraflair and has created a top coat that will make any of your nail polishes holographic. AMAZING!!! I know! Thanks so much Lori!

I decided to do some swatches of the topcoat over some different colors.

Here are the swatches before the SF topcoat:
Here are the same colors with the SF topcoat:
This was under a lamp so the holo isn't that great and was hard to photograph. You can see the holo on the first and last swatch the best.

Here is a close up of the last swatch:

I love my SF topcoat so much!!! I now have unlimited holo colors! YAY!


  1. OMG that is amazing! Love it :)

  2. That is so cool!! I have never seen anything like it! Amazing!!

  3. Is that one or two coats?? Looks grand! Cant wait to get mine!!!

  4. AWESOME!!! I want this!!

  5. HI! I wondered if you would let me know where you can get this SpectraFlair Topcoat? I have never ever heard of it before but it looks like a good investment. Would you please leave a comment with the link or the online store. Please. Thank you for your help. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Thanks everyone! Jossie, this is one coat of the SF topcoat. Nicky, unfortunately I din't buy it from an online store. I bought it from a fellow polish addict from the facebook group Polish-aholics Anonymous. I believe that she will be making more of it but I am not sure when. The bottle was $6 which included shipping and everything. Here is a link to the FB group

    You can also buy the SpectraFlair powder online somewhere (not sure where) and then make your own topcoat by adding it to clear polish. Hope that was somewhat helpful...

  7. I NEED to get this ASAP! I don't own that many holographic polishes. I missed out on the older OPI DS shades and China Glaze Collections. I found the powder on ebay so I may just order it and mix it with a topcoat.

  8. That's amazing!! *goes to ebay to look up how much SpectraFlair powder is...*

  9. Hi! This is Lori, and I am the person selling the Spectraflair topcoat. You can email me at for information.

  10. wow that is so awsome!
    so much props to her for creating that!

    and great swatches(:

    <3 BB

  11. I love spectraflair, now we can make our own holos I wonder if a nail company will think to make cheap holos available to us all.

  12. this is really beautiful!! i will put that on my wishlist! :) by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading your blog! you can visit my blog too :)


  13. Thanks to this post I'm now a member of Polish Aholic Anonymous (really why was I not before??) and a bottle of this is on its way! I am SO excited, thanks for the recommendation :) I can't wait to see your creations with this


  14. I can't wait to try and find some of this spectra-flair! Sounds so awesome!


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